SNOOKER: Northern Ireland Open Qualifiers, 2023

12oct2:22 pm2:22 pmSNOOKER: Northern Ireland Open Qualifiers, 2023

Event Details

The World Snooker Tour will host a professional snooker event known as the 2023 Northern Ireland Open (formally known as the 2023 BetVictor Northern Ireland Open) from the 22nd through the 29th of October 2023 at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The tournament is being hosted by the World Snooker Tour.The competition will be place in the Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield, England, from the 17th to the 20th of October 2023, for those interested in qualifying for the event.


Qual Round 1

(Last 128; Best of 7)

1 Northern Ireland Mark Allen v Belgium Ben Mertens  
Held over to main arena
2 Estonia Andres Petrov v England Sanderson Lam   Fri 20 Oct 20:00
3 Scotland Graeme Dott v England Oliver Lines Thu 19 Oct 23:00
4 England David Grace v China Xing Zihao   Thu 19 Oct 14:00
5 England Ricky Walden v England Ben Woollaston
Held over to main arena
6 England Allan Taylor v Wales Dominic Dale Tue 17 Oct 17:00
7 England Stuart Bingham v England Ashley Hugill Fri 20 Oct 20:00
8 China Xu Si v Switzerland Alexander Ursenbacher Thu 19 Oct 14:00
9 Egypt Mohamed Ibrahim v Scotland Dean Young   Wed 18 Oct 14:00
10 England Matthew Selt v Hong Kong Andy Lee Thu 19 Oct 20:00
11 Scotland Liam Graham v Wales Jackson Page Tue 17 Oct 20:00
12 England Jack Lisowski v England Rebecca Kenna (f)  
Held over to main arena
13 England David Lilley v Ireland Aaron Hill   Thu 19 Oct 20:00
14 China Fan Zhengyi v China Liu Hongyu   Tue 17 Oct 14:00
15 Wales Dylan Emery v England Martin Gould   Tue 17 Oct 23:00
16 England Robert Milkins v China Cao Yupeng
Held over to main arena
17 England Shaun Murphy v Australia Ryan Thomerson  
Held over to main arena
18 Hong Kong Marco Fu v Wales Jamie Jones Thu 19 Oct 17:00
19 England Joe O’Connor v England Zak Surety Tue 17 Oct 23:00
20 England Andrew Higginson v England Sean O’Sullivan   Tue 17 Oct 20:00
21 Wales Ryan Day v China Ma Hailong  
Held over to main arena
22 England Martin O’Donnell v Wales Daniel Wells Thu 19 Oct 23:00
23 England Chris Wakelin v England Anthony Hamilton Wed 18 Oct 23:00
24 England Alfie Burden v Egypt Mostafa Dorgham   Tue 17 Oct 17:00
25 England Rod Lawler v Thailand Baipat Siripaporn (f)   Tue 17 Oct 23:00
26 China Zhou Yuelong v England Stan Moody   Fri 20 Oct 14:00
27 Wales Andrew Pagett v Germany Lukas Kleckers Tue 17 Oct 20:00
28 England Gary Wilson v England Louis Heathcote  
Held over to main arena
29 Wales Jamie Clarke v Wales Alfie Davies (a)   Wed 18 Oct 17:00
30 China Xiao Guodong v China Yuan Sijun Thu 19 Oct 14:00
31 Northern Ireland Jordan Brown v England Stuart Carrington Wed 18 Oct 20:00
32 Australia Neil Robertson v China Wu Yize
Held over to main arena
33 England Judd Trump v England Jenson Kendrick  
Held over to main arena
34 England Adam Duffy v Belgium Julien Leclercq   Wed 18 Oct 20:00
35 China Pang Junxu v England Ian Burns   Thu 19 Oct 17:00
36 England Liam Highfield v Ireland Ken Doherty Wed 18 Oct 17:00
37 Scotland Anthony McGill v England Jimmy White
Held over to main arena
38 Northern Ireland Robbie McGuigan (a) v Pakistan Muhammad Asif  
Held over to main arena
39 Thailand Noppon Saengkham v India Himanshu Jain   Thu 19 Oct 17:00
40 Thailand M Phetmalaikul v England Barry Pinches (a)   Wed 18 Oct 23:00
41 Thailand Mink Nutcharut (f) v Wales Michael White   Fri 20 Oct 14:00
42 England Joe Perry v India Ishpreet Singh Chadha   Thu 19 Oct 23:00
43 China Long Zehuang v Ukraine Anton Kazakov   Tue 17 Oct 14:00
44 Iran Hossein Vafaei v England Mark Joyce  
Held over to main arena
45 England James Cahill v Wales Duane Jones (a)   Wed 18 Oct 17:00
46 Scotland Stephen Maguire v Ireland Fergal O’Brien Fri 20 Oct 17:00
47 England Reanne Evans (f) v England Hammad Miah Tue 17 Oct 17:00
48 England Kyren Wilson v England Sam Craigie
Held over to main arena
49 Wales Mark J Williams v China Tian Pengfei
Held over to main arena
50 England Liam Pullen v England Robbie Williams   Wed 18 Oct 20:00
51 China Si Jiahui v China Zhang Anda Fri 20 Oct 17:00
52 England John Astley v Malaysia Thor Chuan Leong   Fri 20 Oct 23:00
53 England Barry Hawkins v England Elliot Slessor  
Held over to main arena
54 England Andy Hicks v China Jiang Jun   Tue 17 Oct 14:00
55 England Jimmy Robertson v England Sydney Wilson (a) Thu 19 Oct 20:00
56 China Peng Yisong v China He Guoqiang   Fri 20 Oct 14:00
57 Wales Matthew Stevens v Scotland Stephen Hendry Wed 18 Oct 23:00
58 England David Gilbert v Northern Ireland Joel Connolly (a)  
Held over to main arena
59 China Lyu Haotian v England Ashley Carty Fri 20 Oct 17:00
60 England Tom Ford v England Haydon Pinhey (a)  
Held over to main arena
61 Scotland Scott Donaldson v England Mark Davis Wed 18 Oct 14:00
62 Wales Jak Jones v England Oliver Brown Fri 20 Oct 23:00
63 Brazil Victor Sarkis v Scotland Ross Muir   Wed 18 Oct 14:00
64 England Ronnie O’Sullivan v United States Ahmed Aly Elsayed


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