Road cycling: Granfondo Yunnan China,2023

04nov8:30 am3:09 pmRoad cycling: Granfondo Yunnan China,2023

Event Details

The term “Gran Fondo,” which literally means “Big Ride” in English, was coined in Italy in the 1970s to describe a specific sort of long-distance road cycling trip. The Italian Cycling Federation recognises and certifies “Gran Fondos” as cycling events of at least 120 kilometres (75 miles) in length that are chip-timed (start to finish) and provide awards to the top finishers in each category.

Like a marathon, where most runners compete against the clock rather against each other, mass starts are used, and riders of all skill levels are welcome to take part. At the conclusion of the ceremony, attendees are traditionally treated to a lavish lunch, and the surrounding streets are closed to traffic.
Laws mandating cyclists to follow all traffic signals are laxer in Italy compared to other western nations, and only a small number of the larger Italian Gran Fondos now have complete road closures.


Date Timing Category + Cycling Location
04 Nov, 2023 8:40 AM 8.6 km Yunnan, China,
04 Nov, 2023 10:30 AM 655 km Yunnan, China,


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