Cycling: Ride London Essex 100

26may8:30 am6:00 pmCycling: Ride London Essex 100

Event Details

The Ride London Essex 100 transforms the streets and rural landscapes of London and Essex into a cyclist’s paradise, offering an exhilarating challenge for thousands of cycling enthusiasts. This prestigious event invites riders of all abilities to pedal through 100 miles of closed roads, experiencing the thrill of professional-level racing conditions while soaking in the scenic beauty of southeastern England.

As dawn breaks, cyclists gather at the starting line, buzzing with anticipation. Participants adjust their bikes, check their gear, and stretch their muscles to prepare for the voyage, creating an exciting atmosphere. Friends, relatives, and onlookers applaud throughout the path, creating a festival-like atmosphere that raises morale.

Ride London Essex 100

The starting signal sounds, and the mass of riders surges forward, wheels humming against the pavement. Participants push through the cityscape of London, quickly finding themselves surrounded by the rolling hills and picturesque countryside of Essex. The route has flat stretches where riders may speed up and work in pelotons and tough hills that test their stamina.

Along the route, aid stations stocked with water, snacks, and mechanical support ensure riders stay hydrated, fueled, and ready to tackle any unexpected issues. Volunteers and event staff offer encouragement and guidance, ensuring safety and a positive experience for everyone involved.

As cyclists approach the finish line, the crowd’s cheers grow louder, fueling the final push with an incredible energy. Finishing is a victory, a celebration of personal success, and a cycling community celebration. Medals, memories of the day, and grins capture the Ride London Essex 100’s spirit.

After the marathon, competitors and onlookers enjoy live music, food vendors, and displays. The Ride London Essex 100 promotes cycling’s beauty, challenge, fitness, camaraderie, and environmental benefits in the UK and worldwide.


Date Timing Distance Location
26 May 2024 8:30 am – 6:00 pm 200 km London to Essex

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