Slap: Power Slap 6 (2024)

09feb9:30 pm10:30 pmSlap: Power Slap 6 (2024)

Event Details

Power Slap

Power Slap 6, slated for 2024, promises to be an electrifying edition of this renowned combat sports spectacle. The event showcases a dynamic mix of striking techniques, grappling prowess, and sheer athleticism as fighters from various disciplines converge for intense competition.

In the heart of the arena, the crowd eagerly anticipates the explosive matchups, each pitting skilled fighters against one another in a quest for supremacy. Excitement permeates the atmosphere as well-trained fighters, at the peak of their physical prowess, step into the ring to showcase their martial arts skills.

Power Slap

According to Power Slap 6, the combat techniques will include Muay Thai, boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling.

The veterans and emerging stars will compete for victory using skill, strategy, and tenacity.

The sound of fists hitting pads, well-executed kicks, and the crowd’s clamour make a soundtrack of combat sports. Fans in person or watching online should anticipate highlight-reel knockouts, incredible submissions, and unrelenting heart and talent.

Power Slap 6 showcases outstanding martial artists and promotes sportsmanship in the community. It shows the devotion and passion of combat sports athletes who devote their life to perfection. The 2024 edition promises a thrilling night of action where every punch, takedown, and submission attempt furthers martial arts proficiency.


Date Time Team Place
9 February ,2024  9:30 PM   KO Chris Vs Muniz Durango Casino & Resort Las Vegas

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