Car Race: Montreal Grand Prix '2024

07jun(jun 7)11:00 pm09(jun 9)6:00 amCar Race: Montreal Grand Prix '2024

Event Details

The Montreal Grand Prix 2024 promises to electrify the city with an adrenaline-packed weekend as the world’s leading Formula 1 drivers descend upon the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. This iconic event not only showcases the pinnacle of motorsport technology and driver skill but also brings together fans from around the globe, making Montreal the center of the racing world for a few thrilling days.

Kicking off the festivities, teams set up in the paddock, meticulously preparing their high-speed machines for the intense competition ahead. Engineers and mechanics buzz around, fine-tuning engines and aerodynamics to ensure peak performance. Meanwhile, drivers strategize with their teams, analyzing every curve and straight of the track to shave off precious milliseconds from their lap times.

As the practice sessions begin, the roar of engines fills the air, sending waves of excitement through the packed stands. Spectators, equipped with team merchandise, cheer on their favorite drivers, creating a vibrant mosaic of colors and sounds. Expectations are high for qualifying day, when speed and accuracy will decide the race’s starting grid places.

Montreal Grand Prix ‘2024

Race day arrives with an unmatched level of excitement. Fans from all walks of life gather, united by their passion for racing. Drivers wait on the grid with motors idling for the lights to go out, excited. The moment they do, the track erupts into a high-speed ballet of power and precision. The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve’s turns and straights test drivers’ skills as they fight for position.

Off the track, Montreal comes alive with a plethora of events and celebrations. The city embraces its role as host, offering visitors a taste of its rich culture and gastronomy. From fan zones to concerts and exhibitions, there’s something for everyone, ensuring the Grand Prix weekend is an unforgettable experience.


Date Time Race Lap Distance Place
7 June 2024  11:00 PM Practice sessions-1 Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve
8 June 2024 2:30 PM Practice sessions-2 Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve
8 June 2024 09:30 PM Practice sessions-3 Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve
9 June 2024 01:00 AM Qualifying Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve
9 June 2024 11:00 PM Race 70 laps  4.361 km Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

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