Jordan Impact Marathon 2023

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Event Details

The Impact Marathon Series includes the Jordan Impact Marathon as one of its stops. The organisation promotes the event as “a race of a lifetime” that will “have a long-term positive impact on the communities you run through.” It is included in a trip to the Wadi Rum region of Jordan that lasts for seven days (from November 27 to December 3).

The Jordan Impact Marathon isn’t just another race. Set against the backdrop of the mesmerising landscapes of the Wadi Rum Desert, the marathon has always been about creating meaningful connections and inspiring positive change. The race signifies more than personal achievement; it’s a journey of discovery, understanding, and empowerment, both for the runners and the communities touched by the event.

Jordan Impact Marathon Route

Runners follow a route along stunning desert trails. Starting under the desert stars, you will experience a Jordanian sunrise as well as amazing scenery on the way to the finish line.

Jordan Impact Marathon Entry

Entry Fee (including accommodation) : from £1,345
Registration Deadline : When the race is full.


10km – Starter Route

A 10km race that feels longer! This is a tough test for runners. You will start in the deepest sandy part as the 42km and 21km runners approach and the heat builds.

The pathways have collided as you head to the 7 Pillars of Wisdom Mountain to finish in its shadow! We recommend hiking this course for non-runners.

21km – Half Marathon

A rare chance to run in the magnificent Wadi Rum Protected Area. Jeeps will take you to our first milennia-old rock beginning arch in the desert. Starting as the 42km racers approach, you will run together for others.

It’s not the iconic climbs Impact Marathons are renowned for, but it will be scorching and sandy as you head towards the endless horizon.

42km – The Beast of Wadi Rum

We constructed a spectacular 42km loop for Impact racers, breaking tradition.After sunrise, we begin. The sun rises behind the desert mountains as you establish your beat, changing the colours. By sunrise, you’ll be in the softer sand that will make this race one of your hardest. The Wadi Rum Desert’s lofty mountains and vast sand will surround you as you speed along Saudi Arabia’s border.

The pressure will make you feel like you can’t continue. Dig deep and keep going, and you may proudly say you conquered The Beast of Wadi Rum.


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