Havana Marathon 2023

19nov6:00 am8:59 pmHavana Marathon 2023

Event Details

Marabana is the name of the most popular marathon in Cuba. Since 1987 the Marabana has been held in Havana, Cuba, during the month of November (third Sunday of November). It contains both a half marathon and a marathon in a circuit around the most central avenues in Havana, starting and finishing in Old Havana. Both circuits are certified by the AIMS/IASF. The half marathon is 21 km and 97.50 m, while the marathon is 42 km and 195 m.

Havana Marathon Route

Runners start and finish at the Paseo del Prado between Teniente Rey and San Jose. Along the route they will pass along the following streets : Prado, Refugio, Zulueta, ave. De las Misiones, Malecon, Calzada, street 12, street 23, ave. 26, Boyeros, Santa Catalina, Primelles, Via Blanca, Boyeros, Salvador Allende, Reina and Prado.

Havana Marathon Entry

* Entry Fee : € 85 (until 2 May), € 95 (until 16 Jul), € 105 (after 29 Oct), € 125 (until 1 Nov)
* Registration Deadline : 1 November

Length Race type Terrain type
Race 1 42.195 km
(26.224 mi)
Race 2 21.0975 km
(13.112 mi)
Half marathon
Race 3 10 km
(6.215 mi)
Competitive race
Race 4 5 km
(3.108 mi)
Non-competitive race


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