Euro Hockey Indoor Championship II-A Men, 2024

01feb12:00 pm04(feb 4)3:59 pmEuro Hockey Indoor Championship II-A Men, 2024

Event Details

The tournament will be held from 2 to 4 February 2024 at the Sportoase in Paredes (POR).The Men’s EuroHockey Indoor Championship is an international men’s indoor hockey competition organized by the European Hockey Federation. The winning team becomes the champion of Europe. The tournament serves as a qualification tournament for the Indoor Hockey World Cup.

The tournament is part of the EuroHockey Indoor Championships and is the highest level in the men’s competition. The lowest two teams each year are relegated to the EuroHockey Indoor Championship II and replaced by the highest two teams from that competition. From 2024 onwards the tournament will be played with ten instead of eight teams


Match # Date Time Details Venue
1 1 Feb 2024 12:15 IRL v NOR (Pool A) Pitch 1
2 2 Feb 2024 13:30 CYP v LTU (Pool A) Pitch 1
3 2 Feb 2024 16:30 DEN v NOR (Pool A) Pitch 1
4 2 Feb 2024 17:45 IRL v LTU (Pool A) Pitch 1
5 3 Feb 2024 11:45 LTU v NOR (Pool A) Pitch 1
6 3 Feb 2024 13:00 CYP v DEN (Pool A) Pitch 1
7 3 Feb 2024 17:00 NOR v CYP (Pool A) Pitch 1
8 3 Feb 2024 18:15 IRL v DEN (Pool A) Pitch 1
9 4 Feb 2024 11:00 DEN v LTU (Pool A) Pitch 1
10 4 Feb 2024 12:15 CYP v IRL (Pool A) Pitch 1


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