23aug(aug 23)3:30 pm25(aug 25)10:59 pm Car Race: DUTCH GRAND PRIX 2024

Event Details

The Dutch Grand Prix of 2024 electrifies the air, as it unfolds at the legendary Circuit Zandvoort, a track renowned for its demanding turns and the undulating landscape that tests the mettle of Formula 1’s finest.

As the engines roar to life, the anticipation crackles, setting the stage for a race that promises high-speed drama and heart-pounding action.

From the start, drivers push their vehicles to the limit at the circuit’s Tarzan turn, a site for overtaking that rewards the daring and punishes the timid. Rubber smoke and turbocharged engines straining mechanical engineering limits fill the air.

The 2024 iteration of the race sees teams and drivers grappling with the circuit’s unique challenges, including the high-speed bends and the narrow passages that demand precision driving.

Pit stops and tire decisions may change the race, therefore strategy matters. Teams labor quickly, combining tactical conversations and urgent directions to reach the podium.


The orange-clad spectators’ cheers and banners amplify the festival-like atmosphere of Formula 1 racing. Driven by passion, drivers showcase the bond between man, machine, and audience with every lap.

Daring overtakes keep viewers on edge as the race heats up.A combination of seasoned veterans and ambitious newbies, the drivers display ability, guts, and will to tackle the famous racing course.

The 2024 Dutch Grand Prix will go down in history for its intense rivalry, cutting-edge technology, and the thousands of fans who witnessed the dawn of a new chapter in Formula 1.

This race cements motorsport’s standing as the ultimate challenge, where glory may be fleeting, but the quest for greatness endures eternally.


Date Time Race Distance Laps PlaceTrack
23 AUG ‘2024 15:30 – 16:30 Practice 1 Circuit Zandvoort
23 AUG ‘2024 19:00 – 20:00 Practice 2 Circuit Zandvoort
24 AUG ‘2024 14:30 – 15:30 Practice 3 Circuit Zandvoort
24 AUG ‘2024 18:00 – 19:00 Qualifying Circuit Zandvoort
25 AUG ‘2024 18:00 Race 4.259-kilometre  72 laps Circuit Zandvoort


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