Car Race: Bass Pro Shops Night Race

21sep4:30 am11:30 amCar Race: Bass Pro Shops Night Race

Event Details

The Bass Pro Shops Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2024 includes the top NASCAR drivers under the lights, a stunning spectacle.A thrilling mix of high-octane racing and nail-biting endings characterises this classic event, deep in NASCAR’s history.

The crowd’s enthusiasm soars as engines start, setting the atmosphere for a thrilling night of racing. Competitors race on the narrow, high-banked circuit, where every lap requires nerve and skill. Drivers must perform well on Bristol’s steep banking and tight curves half-mile circuit, making every move essential in high-drama racing.

Bass Pro Shops Night Race

Throughout the race, the strategic decisions made by teams become increasingly apparent. Pit stops are executed with surgical precision, as crews work tirelessly to ensure their drivers have the edge. Any advantage in tyres and fuel strategy might spell the difference between winning and losing.

As the laps wind down, the intensity on the track escalates. Drivers now compete together to outdo their rivals in a dazzling display of speed and precision. Fans watch as the lead changes quickly, putting them on edge.

The Bass Pro Shops Night Race’s closing laps showcase NASCAR racing’s soul as drivers compete beneath the Bristol night sky. The winner crosses the finish line to applause and cements their name in Bristol Motor Speedway history.

The 2024 Bass Pro Shops Night Race cements its historic status as a NASCAR legend-making event. It’s an unrivalled show for fans and drivers, celebrating speed, talent, and NASCAR’s continuing allure.


Date Time Track Distance Laps Place
21 Sep ‘2024 4:30 AM Bristol Motor Speedway 266.5 miles 500 United States


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